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Choose a VPS for your custom-built app that needs back-end server-software, such as NodeJS, Python, Ruby, and more. Furthermore, a VPS is a great place to host your own Game Server, TeamSpeak server, or Automated Trading platform. A VPS is also well suited for any developers who need to have full control over the server settings. A Hostwinds Cloud VPS also allows you to install and configure applications that best fit your needs and are able to be customized.

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In the last few years, the stability and ease of use of Node.js have lead to heavy adoption in application development. However, deploying and configuring a Node.js application to work with cPanel presents a number of hurdles. CloudLinux’s recently released Node.js Selector is a great solution that includes a graphical interface to make deployment go more smoothly. To use this utility, you will need to have CloudLinux installed along with the LVE Manager plugin. In this configuration, your Node.js application will also benefit from the resource usage monitoring that comes with the CloudLinux LVE Manager.