Advanced Python

Advanced Python Tutorials – Real Python
In this section you’ll find Python tutorials that teach you advanced concepts so you can be on your way to becoming a master of the Python programming language. Once you’re past the intermediate-level you can start digging into these tutorials that will teach you advanced Python concepts and patterns.

Python Advanced Topics
Introduction into the sys module. Python and the Shell. Forks and Forking in Python. Introduction to Threads. Pipe, Pipes and “99 Bottles of Beer”. Python Network Scanner. Graph Theory and Graphs in Python. Graphs: PyGraph. A Python Class for Polynomial Functions. Turing Machine in Python. Creating dynamic websites with WSGI. Python, SQL, MySQL, and SQLite. Python Scores.

Python3 Advanced Tutorials | YouTube
This is the Advanced Section of Python3 Tutorial series, Covering many of the less taught topics of python. Some Topics Include Templates, Argparse, Regular Expressions, MultiThreading, Networking, CGI Programming, Database Interaction, C Extensions, PyCrypto and Serialization.

Python – Intermediate and Advanced Features | YouTube
Python is full of awesome features and tricks. In this video series, you’ll see hands-on examples of intermediate and advanced level features and programming techniques in Python. Emulating switch/case Statements in Python with Dictionaries. Python Function Argument Unpacking Tutorial (* and ** Operators). Make your Python Code More Readable with Custom Exceptions. Functional Programming in Python: Immutable Data Structures. Forward References and Python 3 Type Hints.

Advanced Python | YouTube
Tulip: Async I/O for Python 3. Complex Data Structures. Linked Lists. Introduction to Metaclasses. What you need to know about date times. Super Advanced Python. The Art of Subclassing. Interfaces and Python. Namespaces in Python. Pythonic iterators and generators. Class Decorators. Python Design Patterns. Modern Dictionaries. High-performance networking in Python. What Is Async?

Advanced Python – Complete Course | YouTube
Collections in Python. Logging in Python. Exceptions. JSON. Decorators. Generators. Threading vs Multiprocessing. Threading. Multiprocessing. The asterisk (*) operator. Shallow vs Deep Copying. Context Managers. Function arguments in detail. Lambda. Itertools. Dictionaries.

Learn Advanced Python Programming | Udemy | Paid
Make yourself a Pro in Python by making Python based Application. Single and Double Link List. Magic Functions. Socket Programming. In this course, is from a basic knowledge of Python to using more advanced features of the language. We will make some advance Python Applications like Download Manager using advance concepts to make you a professional programmer able to get good jobs in this field.

Learn the 2020 Advanced Python Programming | Udemy | Paid
Learn to make Real-time Advance Level Applications using Advance Level Concepts in Python. Email Automation using SMTP Intuition. Implementing Decorators in Python. Numerical Computation in Python. YouTube Download Manager Application in Python. In this course, we are going to learn only the Advance Level Programming in Python. As grabbing the main concept behind Advance Topics is not simple therefor, special attention is given to the intuition part of each concept where we gonna understand these concepts with proper animated slides.